In Limbo

We are feeling a bit lost at the moment.

The motorhome we are waiting to bring home and make a part of our family has been delayed. We thought it would be done and dusted by now, and proudly parked on our driveway. However this is not the case.

Frustrated is an understatement! I’m really not the most patient of people.

I understand that it’s got to be right, and that takes time to sort, but it doesn’t make it any easier when all we want to do is take it away for a few nights and start enjoying it!!

Having cleared out our caravan ready to be traded in, we can’t even go away in that either, so we are stuck!

Making the transition from caravan to motorhome was not an easy decision to make, it took a lot of mulling over and discussions, we changed our minds a few times as well! But once our minds were made up, that was it, we were ready to go and collect it right away! Things don’t work like that in real life, as we well know, but that’s just how it is.

Hey ho, we know the wait will be worth it in the end, and there are far worse problems to have, we just need to bide our time and sit tight.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts and feelings.! Hope it wasn’t too whingey ha ha.

All the best,

Vicky x

Cheesy Cheddar Gorge

I remember the first time I ever saw Cheddar Gorge, we were on a family holiday in our touring caravan and our parents took us there for the day.

I must of been about 13 and really wasn’t interested in going anywhere with mum and dad, my annoying little brother and sister, being a typical teenager, but the charm of the Gorge soon drew me in and stayed with me. To this day it is one of my favourite places, and I have been back several times since as an adult.

Aaron had never visited so we knew whilst we were in the area, this was one of the places we wanted to go.

We came in to Cheddar at the top of the Gorge and drove all the way down to the bottom, looking for somewhere suitable to park. Turning around and heading back up the hill, we chose somewhere just above the start of the shops and unloaded ourselves and the boys out of the car. Coats and walking shoes on, we paid the £5 parking, (which was for a whole day, and the only option), and made our way down to the village.

We soon discovered, having read the signs along the road, that you can park for free on the single yellow lines after the 30th September! It was Oct 3rd! Doh!! Mr ChitChat wasn’t best pleased. Too late now. On we went…

Mooching along in and out of all the shops, some really lovely interesting ones and some full of tat, which you will find at any tourist attraction, we came across a Christmas shop! I was straight in there, taking in the gorgeous cinnamon smells, all the pretty decorations and Christmas themed bits and bobs. Heaven! Although I did resist the urge to buy anything.

Our tummy’s were starting to rumble and Aaron had spotted a lovely little tea room on the way down which served sandwiches etc, so we made our way back there. I have never seen such a collection of teapots in all my life! So many different varieties on display. We ordered a sandwich and they certainly didn’t disappoint, we would highly recommend this place!

Upon exiting the cafe it had started to rain, so we made our way back to the car. Another successful outing which we both really enjoyed.

Thanks for reading, V&A xx

Frome, Nunney Castle and a Windy White Horse

Our first full day at Longleat Caravan and Motorhome club site started with rain hammering down on the roof, and the roar of the wind in the trees. After a lazy morning we chanced our arm with the weather and headed out with our tour guides Deb and Steve. (Check out their brilliant blog page here… In Pursuit of a Dream ). Being familiar with the local area having lived here for the past 8 months, we knew we were in for a real treat, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

We found somewhere cheap to park (I.E free!) in Frome town centre and had a lovely leisurely walk round the town, taking in all the pretty, quirky little streets. It really is such a gorgeous, quaint little place full of things to look at whichever way you turn. It was a Sunday so all the shops were shut, but that didn’t matter as we had a great time noseying in all the windows!

After spotting a potential eatery for tea one evening, our tour guides took us off to the next place, Nunney Castle.

We parked in a pretty little spot next to the river that ran through the village, and just had to get some pictures, complete with ducks quacking away and sunshine dappling on the water. Just gorgeous.

Walking through the pretty village, head turning in all directions to take in all the sites, we had no idea the best was yet to come!

The castle ruins are literally slap bang in the middle of the village, complete with a moat still full of water going all the way around it. It was breathtakingly beautiful. More surprisingly, it was free! So we couldn’t wait to cross the bridge and take a look inside! It was just stunning, we all had our cameras and phones clicking away taking pics from inside and outside the walls of this amazing place.

We got the obligatory selfie, then it was time for a drink and sit down in the village pub.

Suitably refreshed, we were then discussing where to go next, and it wasn’t long before we were back in the car, on the way to the last place of interest for the day.

Pulling up into the car park for the white horse, having spotted it on the hillside on the way up there, we had no idea quite what was going to hit us. We have never in our lives experienced strong winds like that! We could barely get our coats on! It took our breath away it was that savage.

We made our way to the edge of the hillside with the ridiculously strong winds pushing against us to look down on the horse, that was a task and a half! I couldn’t stop laughing my head off and Aaron couldn’t stop holding out his arms like some kind of wind sails. Max turned into some kind of windswept fluffball. What an exhilarating experience! The views across the landscape were a sight to behold, more photo opportunities!

We soon had to make our way back to the sanctuary of the car, battered and beaten by the wind, what a relief to get inside!! We had brain freeze!

Time to head back to the caravan for a well earned rest, pizza, lots of drinks and chatting until the wee small hours. Just bliss.

A bit about Caravan Chit Chat

Thanks for joining us!

Welcome to our brand new blog page! We hope you enjoy reading all about our adventures.

We are Aaron and Vicky Richardson, and have been caravanning for 3 years now.

We are both 35 and we have 2 dogs, Ronnie and Max, who join us on all of our trips!

Our love of caravanning started when we were in our childhoods. Both of us are from families of 5, going abroad was not really an option, and caravanning was the best way to have holidays when we were young.

When we met we knew straight away that getting a caravan would be part of the plan, and so we rescued our first one out of a farmers field!

We loved this van, it was old but solid and we even had our honeymoon in it! Not to mention spending Christmas in it at Ferry Meadows (Mrs ChitChat cooked a lush turkey dinner).

After our first year, we decided to upgrade to something a bit newer, and along came our 2003 Swift Challenger…

We took this van to France, which was a huge adventure for us and really opened up the possibilities caravanning had to offer. The layout in this van wasn’t really our cup of tea though, and Mrs chitchat never really fell in love with it.

So we decided to push the boat out and brought a brand new van in November 2017.

Our 2018 Swift Freestyle, which is a Lowdhams of Nottingham dealer special. The fixed island bed at the side of the van with the end bathroom was just perfect.

After we got this van, we decided we wanted to start vlogging, and soon discovered a massive community of like minded people on social media! We haven’t looked back since, and have made so many wonderful friends.

We currently still have our Swift, and have had so many trips away in it. Ronnie and Max, (aka the boys) just love it and get so excited when we tell them “it’s caravan time”!

So that’s us in a nutshell! Please let us know if you want to know more!

All the best V & A.